Priming the Pump: Comstock Primary Opponent Has Been Posting About Penis Enlargement All Summer

Other topics on Shak Hill's website include prostate milking, genital warts

Shak Hill
Shak Hill
August 1, 2017

A Virginia Republican challenging Rep. Barbara Comstock in the party's primary has spent the past couple of months posting about penis enlargement techniques on his personal website.

Shak Hill, who previously ran unsuccessfully for Senate, announced last week that he is challenging Comstock, who has represented Virginia's 10th Congressional District since 2014.

Hill is currently the owner of, a "boutique" publishing company that says it is "focused only on positive and uplifting works seeking to add value and inspiration in a world often surrounded by confusion and darkness."

While his posts on the site earlier in 2017 were focused primarily on financial planning, in recent months Hill has become increasingly focused on sex.

Posts under Hill's name, which can be viewed here, have over the past few months covered topics ranging from penis enlargement techniques to advice on how men can most effectively milk their prostate.

One post shared by Hill, "I Used Natural Penis Enlargement Techniques to Make My Penis Grow—Here’s What I Did!," explains that a mixture of "some very simple exercises" and "biochemicals" could lead to two to four inches of penis growth.

Another post, "How to Jelq—Proper Jelqing Instructions That Will Give You Results," covers another technique used by men in the Middle East to grow your penis.

"Jelqing is an ancient Arabic tradition used by men in Saudi Arabia, [Samaria and Judea], Syria and the Malawi provinces of Turkey for over 5000 years," it explains.

"This process is used to increase the size of the penis both in a flaccid state as well as an erect state. … Proper use of this technique can lead to a heavier and more substantial looking limp member and a much longer, thicker, stronger one when erect."

The process involves wrapping a warm cloth around the genitalia, "a firm stretching of the member," and then a "milking" of the prostate, according to the post.

Readers would not have to venture off the website to find out how exactly the prostate is to be milked.

On May 17, Hill posted "Step by Step Directions for Milking the Prostate."

There are seven steps included in the post, but if that isn't sufficient you can go over to Hill's July 14 post, "Prostate Milking—The Best Position to Stimulate the Prostate." The three options are "standard fetal position," "lie on your back and lift your legs," and "on all fours."

"The act of stimulating the prostate gland in order for men to reach orgasm or ejaculate is called prostate milking," the post explains. "This could be done for medical reasons or just for the fun and pleasure that it brings."

Also an option for readers questioning the process is a July 20 post, "Prostate Massage—Should You Milk the Prostate?—Nurse’s Secrets."

Other posts include "Vaginal Pimple Pictures: Why Making A Diagnosis Of Genital warts And Lumps Using Photos Is Dangerous," "The Upside of Herpes," and "The Great Skin Cancer Lie," which, as its title suggests, argues that skin cancer is a "hoax."

Several of the posts were removed shortly after the Washington Free Beacon emailed Hill. Screenshots of the deleted posts can be viewed here.

Hill said he does not choose all the articles that get posted under his name. He added that the Free Beacon inquiry "triggered a cleaning of the site by my Web Team with instructions to catch inappropriate automatic postings."

Hill released a campaign announcement video on Tuesday afternoon. It directs viewers to a website that asks for money to help Hill "successfully run a campaign to win the Senate seat representing the great state of Virginia." Hill is running to join the House of Representatives.

His campaign biography lists Hill as the publisher of Guiding Light Books.