POLL: Obama Administration Not the ‘Most Transparent in History’


A majority of Americans do not believe President Barack Obama’s claim that he is running the "most transparent administration in history," according to a new poll.

A Wednesday Reason-Rupe poll found 57 percent of Americans disagree that President Obama ushered in a shining new age of government transparency and openness.

Obama promised to run the most transparent administration in history when he entered office, but the past five years have largely been a disappointment to transparency advocates.

The Obama administration’s efforts to reform the Freedom of Information Act and roll back government secrecy fell flat for the most part.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has prosecuted a record number of whistleblowers and leakers under the Espionage Act.

More than 40 news organizations are protesting what they say is an unprecedented lack of access to White House events.

Eighty-one percent of Republicans and 61 percent of independents disagreed with the president’s transparency claims.

However, only 34 percent of Democrats say the Obama administration is not the most transparent administration in history.