Orlando Shooting Survivor: Killer Demanded the U.S. Stop Bombing ISIS in Syria

• June 14, 2016 3:48 pm

Orlando Torres, a survivor of the terror attack on an Orlando nightclub, said that he heard Omar Mateen demand that the United States stop bombing the Islamic State in Syria.

"I believe he called 911 and was making a statement that America needs to stop bombing ISIS in Syria," Torres said. "And then two seconds later he repeated the same thing because in between they were probably asking him questions, he repeated the same statement."

Torres took refuge in the club's restroom with his friend and proceeded to put his entire body weight against the door to prevent Mateen from coming in the room.

Torres is a promoter for club Pulse and said that he knows the type of music that the club plays and knew that something was not right.

Both presumptive presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have called for an increase in the U.S.-led bombing campaign against ISIS.

ISIS has taken responsibility for the terror attack on the club and called Mateen a soldier of the caliphate. It was reported that Mateen had also claimed allegiance to the terrorist organization in the same 911 call.

Investigators believe that Mateen had visited the nightclub multiple times prior to attack for surveillance.

Forty-nine people lost their lives and 53 were critically wounded. Mateen was killed in a shoot out with a SWAT team.