NY Dem Assemblyman Sexually Attracted to 14-Year-Old

Dreamed of place where he could legally sleep with underage girls

Vito Lopez / AP
• March 11, 2013 3:05 pm


Seventy-one-year-old New York Democratic Assemblyman Vito Lopez dreamed of a place where he could legally sleep with underage girls as young as 14, according to the New York Daily News.

Pervy Assemblyman Vito Lopez found a 14-year-old intern so sexy that he fantasized aloud about living in a state where it was legal to sleep with underage girls, a source told the Daily News. …

The 14-year-old girl is the daughter of Brooklyn Judge Pamela Fisher, whom Lopez helped get elected.

Lopez also apparently told a female staffer to "dress sexier." The mother of that staffer told the police of the incident.

The state ethics commission recently finished a six-month probe into the Lopez matter and forwarded its findings to the legislative and Assembly ethics panel for possible sanctions.

The Daily News previously reported that the findings "eviscerate" Lopez by laying out a disturbing pattern of "piggish" behavior that goes back years. The report is also said to be highly critical of Silver and his aides for their handling of a secret settlement, but did not find they violated any ethics or criminal laws.

According to the Daily News, two separate sexual harassment claims have been made against Lopez, but were settled with a "secret  $103,000 taxpayer-funded settlement."

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