MSNBC Segment: Most Americans Oppose Far-Left Democratic Policy Proposals

Democrats disconnected from broader electorate

July 30, 2019

An MSNBC segment from after Tuesday night's Democratic primary debate highlighted how most Americans oppose far-left Democratic policy proposals, ranging from eliminating private health insurance to decriminalizing border crossings.

MSNBC reporter Steve Kornacki pointed to polling numbers showing the divide between Democratic voters and the broader electorate.

On the issue of Medicare for All without private health insurance, Democratic voters support it by a 2-1 margin whereas a majority of all Americans oppose it. Democrats are split on the question of decriminalizing border crossings, while almost two-thirds of the electorate opposes decriminalization.

Democratic voters overwhelmingly support making national health insurance available to undocumented immigrants, but most Americans oppose this. As for reparation payments, a slight plurality of Democrats support this measure, while over 60 percent of Americans oppose it.

Democratic presidential candidates are divided on the question of whether to eliminate private health insurance. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) has called for a $40 trillion overhaul of the health care system which includes eliminating private health insurance, while former Vice President Joe Biden includes a public option to buy into a Medicare-like plan, but wouldn't eliminate private health insurance.

A poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 58 percent of Americans oppose Medicare for All, however, if it would eliminate private health insurance.

The candidates also differ on the issue of reparations, although former congressman Robert Francis O'Rourke announced at Tuesday's debate he supports a commission to investigate paying reparations for slavery.