Mook Dodges Question on ‘Hillary Cover-Up Operation’ Twice

• September 25, 2016 10:38 am


Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, dodged two direct questions Sunday during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper about an IT contractor using the term "Hillary cover up" in an email.

The email came to light during a document dump by the FBI on Friday.

Tapper asked Mook if it sounded like the IT contractor thought he was covering something up by being tasked with managing Clinton’s private server.

"There was a document dump on Friday [and] we learned from the FBI that an IT contractor managing Hillary Clinton’s private email server made reference to the ‘Hillary cover up’ in a work ticket," Tapper said. "He used those words after an aide asked him to automatically delete emails after 60 days. This IT worker certainly sounded that he thought he was covering something up, no?"

Mook pointed out that he was glad he was asked this question before avoiding a direct answer.

"It’s important to pull back and look at the facts," Mook said. "The FBI did a comprehensive and deep investigation into this, and at the conclusion of that, FBI Director [James] Comey came out and said to the world that there was no case here, that they did not have evidence of wrongdoing on Hillary’s part."

Tapper rephrased his question as a way to provide clarity to his first inquiry.

"So, what’s the Hillary cover-up operation that the IT worker was referring to?" Tapper asked.

Mook dodged answering the question, shifting blame to Republicans.

"Well, but, this is the perfect example of what’s going on here," Mook said. "The Republicans in the House side are selectively leaking documents for the purpose of making Hillary look bad."