Marc Lamont Hill Calls Out Hillary for Dodging Ferguson Questions

The far-left is less than pleased with HRC.

Liberal commentator Marc Lamont Hill tore into Hillary Clinton for dodging a question on Ferguson during her book tour, declaring that she should be ashamed of herself for profiting from black support while ignoring "real black issues."

"Her decision to ignore the question and to not proactively and assertively address the issue is shameful," Hill told CNN. "Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of herself."

"The Clintons have made so much of their political bones on the backs of black voters, getting black support, getting black love, identifying black causes. Hillary Clinton will go to Selma in 2008 and clap with black people and put on a fake southern accent and pretend to identify with black struggle and black pain. But now that real black issues are on the table, now that real black struggle is in the public eye, she has said nothing," Hill said.

"Her silence is both telling and disappointing," he concluded.