Horn (D) Dodges Question About Health Care for Illegal Immigrants

Democrats at Thursday night's debate said their plans would cover illegal immigrants

• July 1, 2019 3:15 pm


Rep. Kendra Horn (D., Okla.) gave an evasive response when asked whether she supports government-provided health care for illegal immigrants during an appearance on CBS Oklahoma on Monday.

"In the Democratic presidential debate on night two, all the candidates raised their hands saying that they thought health care for undocumented people in our country is something they would support. Is that something you support?" the host asked Horn.

"Well we had a town hall this weekend as you mentioned and it was focusing on the high cost of prescription drugs, the high cost of insulin. We had a study commissioned to look at that and the impacts of it on our communities. So as you know our health care system has so many challenges and is fundamentally broken in a lot of ways, and there are no simple solutions to any of this," Horn said.

"So I think we've got to take all of these things into account, and when we're looking at everything make sure we're balancing the needs of our communities here, as well as building up an immigration system that actually works for people to be able to navigate, to come here legally, to make sure we're protecting ourselves. But again, making sure we're not separating families, treating people with respect and our health care system, we can talk a lot about that, it's complicated, but my thought is that any idea of a simple solution, a one-size fits all solution to health care is really a one size fits none," she continued.

All of the Democratic candidates present at Thursday night's debate said their healthcare plans would provide coverage to illegal immigrants.

President Donald Trump tweeted his incredulity in response to their stance.

"All Democrats just raised their hands for giving millions of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. How about taking care of American Citizens first!? That’s the end of that race!" Trump tweeted.