Hollywood Cash Continues to Flow to Hillary Clinton

• March 8, 2016 3:33 pm


Actors and directors in Hollywood continue to pour campaign contributions into the coffers of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton, a Business Insider analysis found.

The publication compiled donations using the Federal Election Commission database of campaign finance records to extract contributions coming out of Hollywood that totaled at least $2,500 and found that Clinton remains well ahead of other presidential candidates in donations from the notoriously liberal entertainment industry.

Here are the top donations coming out of Hollywood this election cycle:

  1. Steven Spielberg, director and cofounder of DreamWorks, led the pack in contributions this election cycle giving a generous $1 million to the pro-Clinton Priorities USA Action PAC and another $2,700 to Clinton’s campaign, the maximum amount allowed during a primary.
  1. Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks Animation, also gave $1 million to Priorities USA with a separate $2,700 to Hillary for America.
  1. Director JJ Abrams gave $500,000 to Priorities USA and $2,700 to Clinton
  1. Actor Kelsey Grammer gave $5,000 to both Ben Carson and Rand Paul
  1. Beyonce gave $2,700 to Clinton
  1. Leonardo DiCaprio contributed $2,700 to Clinton
  1. Kanye West also gave $2,700 to Clinton
  1. Danny DeVito gave $2,700 to both Martin O’Malley
  1. Tom Hanks — $2,700 to Clinton
  1. Ben Affleck — $2,700 to Clinton
  1. Singer Bonnie Raitt — $2,700 to Bernie Sanders
  1. Katy Perry — $2,700 to Clinton. Hillary’s campaign also dished out nearly $70,000 to Perry’s company, Kitty Purry, Inc., for "event production" just a few months after the pop singer endorsed Clinton, a previous Washington Free Beacon investigation found.
  1. "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre — $2,700 to Clinton
  1. Seth MacFarlane — $2,700 to Bernie Sanders
  1. Kate Hudson — $2,700 to Hillary
  1. Producer Jeff Bruckheimer — $2,700 to Jeb Bush
  1. Reese Witherspoon — $2,700 to Clinton
  1. Ellen DeGeneres — $2,700 to Clinton

Others in Hollywood that provided donations to presidential campaigns that were not placed on Business Insider’s list include:

Chevy Chase — $2,700 to Clinton

Jason Alexander — $2,700 to Clinton

Sean Astin — $2,700 to Clinton

Michael Douglas — $2,700 to Clinton

Jennifer Garner — $2,700 to Clinton

Richard Gere — $2,700 to Clinton

Katie Holmes — $2,700 to Clinton

Tobey Maguire — $2,700 to Clinton

Meg Ryan — $2,700 to Clinton

Rita Wilson — $2,700 to Clinton

Chuck Norris — $2,700 to Mike Huckabee

Orson Bean – Made two donations totaling $2,000 to Marco Rubio

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