Halperin: Clinton Doesn’t Give Off a Sense of Understanding How the Economy Works

• August 11, 2016 10:21 pm


Bloomberg host Mark Halperin said on Thursday that Hillary Clinton doesn't come across as knowing about the economy, the same day that she gave an economic policy speech near Detroit, Michigan.

"I still think her biggest weakness as a candidate and my biggest worry if she got elected for uniting the country and moving an agenda, is she just doesn't give off a sense, not just of understanding working-class people, but of having a sense of how the economy can work in the current age, and I just think today was a big opportunity to do that," Halperin said.

After watching her speech, Halperin said that he did not come away understanding Clinton any better afterwards.

"I didn't come away anymore understanding it than I think probably most people who would have listened to or excerpts of it," Halperin said.

Detroit has become a focus of the campaigns as an example of an American city with severe economic troubles.

At the beginning of the election cycle, Dr. Ben Carson kicked off his campaign at an event in Detroit. The rust belt is proving to be a crucial part of the electoral map, as both Clinton and Donald Trump are vying to win over voters who are upset with the state of the economy.