Grijalva Claims Entitlements Aren’t the Problem

Fact check: 62 percent of federal government budget goes to entitlements; Medicare, Medicaid 'unsustainable commitments' in the words of Tim Geithner

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D., Ariz.) claimed Sunday that entitlement programs are not the drivers of America's debt problems in a "This Week" interview.

"I think that one of the issues that's being left alone in this discussion is the amnesia is how we got into this situation, who's responsible in this situation," Grijalva said, "and to blame the three programs that we're talking about–Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security–as the drivers of this deficit is a mistake."

"The drivers happened long ago–two wars on a credit card, financial institutions that abused the American people," Grijalva continued.

Treasury Sec. Timothy Geithner himself, however, has said multiple times that Medicare and Medicaid are "unsustainable commitments."

Currently, 62 percent of federal budget outlays go to entitlement programs, according to the Heritage foundation–far more than military expenditures.

62 Percent of the Federal Budget Goes to Entitlements

Going forward, Medicare spending is projected to increase sharply, and projected by the Medicare trustees to be insolvent by 2024.

Full interview below: