Donald Trump to Draw Crowd 7 Times Size of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Launch Audience

Donald Trump signs
Donald Trump signs / AP

The crowd at Donald Trump’s campaign rally Friday evening in Mobile, Alabama, is set to be between five and seven times the size of that at Hillary Clinton’s official campaign launch in New York.

According to a CBS local affiliate, The Trump campaign has relocated the event to the Ladd Peebles Stadium—where the University of South Alabama’s football team plays—as it prepares to accommodate a crowd of 30,000 to 40,000 people.

Originally, the event was scheduled for the theater in the Mobile Civic Center, which seats under 2,000 individuals. Substantial ticket sales prompted the campaign to rethink the location.

"[Organizers] went to a room for 2,000 people, but that wasn’t big enough. It’s going to end up at thirty to forty-thousand people in Alabama," Trump told supporters Wednesday in New Hampshire.

"It’s due to an overwhelming response," Kayla Farnon, spokeswoman for the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office, confirmed. "More than 30,000 people have been confirmed to attend."

During her official campaign launch event on Roosevelt Island in New York mid-June, Hillary Clinton addressed a crowd of approximately 5,500 individuals, according to her campaign.

Thus, the low-end of Trump’s estimate would put his crowd at more than five times that of Clinton, while the higher estimate—40,000—would dwarf Clinton’s more than sevenfold.

Moreover, if the stadium is filled to capacity with 50,000 individuals, Trump will address a crowd nine times the size of that which celebrated the birth of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

It also appears Trump’s audience will edge out the 28,000-person sea that cheered on Clinton’s Democratic competitor Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) in Portland, Oregon, earlier this month.

"He’s getting the biggest crowds, and I’m getting the biggest crowds," Trump recently said of Sanders.

At the Trump event in Mobile, parking will be free—unlike at Clinton fundraising events. Shuttle buses will also be provided to transport the crowd.