DNC Member Resigns Following Arrest on Domestic Violence Charges

Francisco Domenech with Hillary Clinton / Twitter


A Puerto Rico-based member of the Democratic National Committee resigned his position Friday after authorities arrested him earlier this week on domestic violence charges.

Francisco Domenech has been accused of hitting his wife in the stomach and attempting to tie her hands after he tried to take her cell phone away, Politico reported.

Domenech served as the co-chair of Hillary Clinton's national finance council during the 2016 campaign, and he managed Republican Jenniffer González-Colón's victorious campaign for Puerto Rico's resident commissioner. He also worked on Clinton's 2008 campaign as deputy campaign manager for the Puerto Rico primary and served as a delegate to several previous Democratic National Conventions.

González-Colón distanced herself from Domenech in a statement. She said he was no longer a part of her campaign and she believed his wife's charges.

DNC spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told Politico that "these allegations of domestic violence are extremely disturbing and have no place in our party." She also confirmed the DNC had accepted Domenech's resignation.

Domenech had been under pressure from national and local Democrats to resign his seat.

Graham Piro

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