Conservative Radio Host Defends Mark Levin, Calls Democratic Strategist a ‘Hack’

• March 6, 2017 11:22 am

Ben Ferguson defended fellow conservative radio show host Mark Levin on CNN on Saturday as Democratic strategist Robert Zimmerman tried to attack Levin.

Zimmerman said that President Donald Trump based his Saturday Twitter accusations off of what Levin said about Breitbart reports, which he called the "perpetrator of fake news." Trump claimed that the Obama administration wiretapped his Trump Tower phones just before his 2016 election victory.

When Ferguson said that Levin has never been accused of putting out false information, Zimmerman laughed. Ferguson said Zimmerman should specifically back his claim that Levin has shared fake news.

"Again, give me one example," Ferguson said. "If you're going to laugh about it, then back it up my friend."

"He makes Rush Limbaugh look legitimate," Zimmerman said.

"That's a hack job attack that you just did," Ferguson said. "You didn't give a fact here."

"If you can provide somehow that he's put out misinformation, you've got to give me an example of it, otherwise you're just being a hack," Ferguson continued. "So give me one example."

Zimmerman accused Levin of having, "a litany of lying and spreading false information about Hillary Clinton, about her record as secretary of state."

Host Pamela Brown told Zimmerman that he would have to be specific if he was going to make that accusation toward Levin. Zimmerman gave general statements, and tried to turn the conversation from Levin.