Congressional Hispanic Caucus PAC Spending Big on Vegas Resorts, Restaurants, Nightclubs

CHC PAC broke its own fundraising record in 2017, bringing in $4.4 million

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus hold a news conference

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus hold a news conference / Getty Images


The Congressional Hispanic Caucus BOLD PAC (CHC BOLD PAC), the fundraising arm of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, is spending big on resorts, restaurants, and nightclubs this year, mainly in Las Vegas, Federal Election Commission filings show.

The CHC BOLD PAC describes itself as "the fastest growing Democratic political action committee dedicated to increasing diversity in the House and Senate" and says it "champions progressive Democrats fighting for change." Democratic Rep. Tony Cardenas (Calif.), who leads the BOLD PAC, said Trump's policies have been the main driver in its fundraising success.

The BOLD PAC in 2017 has pulled in $4.4 million in contributions—including more than $2 million in the first three months alone—and spent $2.2 million.

As the CHC PAC was in the midst of its massive fundraising haul, they were spending extravagantly on luxury hotels in Las Vegas while paying hundreds of thousands to consultants.

The CHC PAC reported spending $6,000 at Aria Resort and Casino while making two separate payments totaling $19,649.12 for catering at Caesar's Palace in February. The BOLD PAC paid $2,175.41 to Fine Entertainment during the month, a company that provides venue space and catering for groups in the city, and spent nearly $2,000 on tickets to Michael Jackson One at Mandalay Bay.

The PAC spent $7,000 at Omnia Nightclub, which is located in Caesar's Palace, for "event space/food and beverage" while another $6,219.96 went to Caesar's for catering in March. Slightly more than $4,000 was paid to Fine Entertainment, while the PAC also disbursed $2,200 to Zuma Restaurant, a Japanese and sushi bar. An additional $1,708.11 was spent on catering at Aria Resort.

The PAC then reported $30,695 in expenses at Aria Resort on lodging, food, and beverages in April. The group again spent thousands at Omnia Nightclub at Caesar's, this time racking up charges of $5,778.34. More than $1,100 was spent at the Alto Bar at Caesars.

In June, the PAC spent $79,603.06 at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Gold Resort, Spa and Marina in Cambridge, Maryland.

Luxury hotels have not been the only beneficiaries of the PAC's record-breaking haul.

The PAC's largest expenditure this year was to Amy Strathdee, a Democratic political consultant, in the amount of $205,000 for fundraising services.

The PAC spent more than $300,000 to acquire emails from Mothership Strategies, a firm that was started by former insiders at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Mothership was also paid $307,103 for fundraising consulting and $69,980 for advertising and production.

The PAC is now raising money off the push for single payer health care, although half of its members have never come out in its favor, the Huffington Post noted.

The treasurer of the PAC did not respond to requests for comment on its expenditures by press time.

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