Clinton Laughs When Fox News Says Sanders Got More Votes Than Any Democratic Socialist Ever

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton laughed Wednesday during an interview when a Fox News host said that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) received more votes than any Democratic socialist has ever gotten in American history.

Clinton was on Fox News’ Special Report when host Bret Baier told her that she is not the only Democratic presidential candidate who is making history this election cycle.

"Yours was obviously a historic campaign, but we should point out that Bernie Sanders was also a historic campaign; he got more votes than any Democratic socialist has ever gotten in American history," Baier said.

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Clinton gave a big smile as Baier was talking and laughed for a few seconds when he mentioned Sanders’ accomplishment.

Baier then asked her what it means for her candidacy and how she would govern as president if the Democratic electorate has embraced Sanders, a self-declared socialist.

Clinton became the Democratic presumptive nominee after winning the California and New Jersey primaries Tuesday night, giving her an insurmountable lead in pledged delegates to add to her comfortable advantage with superdelegates, prominent party members who do not formally vote for a candidate until the Democratic convention this summer in Philadelphia.

Sanders has previously pledged to fight on until the convention, but there are growing calls for him to drop his bid for the White House now that Clinton has all but locked up the nomination.