Chris Matthews Becomes Sad at the State of Obama’s America

• December 22, 2015 2:03 pm


MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews became sad when he listened to the current state of America under President Obama on Tuesday.

Matthews became visibly downtrodden when fellow MSNBC anchor Luke Russert asked Matthews to explain the rise of Donald Trump. During his question, Russert said despite Obama being elected twice, the country is more divided and angrier.

"Go back to 2008 and the election of President Obama, everybody thought we were now coming into a post-racial society, that hope and change was going to carry the day, the divisions that ravaged the country for the past decades would seemingly start to go away bit by bit by bit," Russert said. "The opposite has happened. The country has gotten more divided, more angry. What happened along the way here that Trump was able to tap into? Was it politicians trying to use President Obama's election for cynical purposes or was the electorate totally misunderstood in 2008?"

When Russert described the country as more divided and angrier since Obama became president, the camera showed Matthews who had a dismayed expression on his face.

Matthews in the past has given Obama high praise from calling him a genius to admitting he got a "thrill up his leg"when he heard Obama speak.

A Free Beacon analysis could not determine whether the thrill up Chris Matthews' leg is gone.

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