Bill Clinton Mistakes Garland for Srinivasan Two Days in a Row

• April 4, 2016 6:23 pm


While campaigning for his wife, former president Bill Clinton has confused Supreme Court judge nominee Merrick Garland for Sri Srinivasan two days in a row.

America Rising noted the gaffes and put together a short video showing his mistakes.

"So I appointed Judge Garland and he was confirmed 97 to nothing, 97 to nothing," Clinton said at a campaign stop in Los Angeles.

However, it was Srinivasan who received that confirmation vote, not Garland. A day later, Clinton made the same mistake in a campaign stop in Wisconsin.

"I thought President Obama was pretty smart to appoint Judge Garland because I put him on the Court of Appeals," Clinton said. "He was confirmed by 97 to zero."

President Obama has appointed Garland as his nominee for the Supreme Court to replace the recently deceased Judge Antonin Scalia. The nomination has touched off a partisan fight on Capitol Hill over whether to hold confirmation hearings, with Republicans pointing out past words by Joe Biden and Harry Reid (D., Nev.) to demonstrate their hypocrisy on the issue.

Garland was appointed to the D.C. circuit court in 1997 by Clinton, and he was confirmed by a 76-to-23 vote.

Srinivasan worked in the solicitor general's office during both the George W. Bush and Obama administrations.

Senate Republicans have dug their heels in and vowed not to hold confirmation hearings or any up-or-down vote on any nominee picked by Obama. A few Republicans have broken from the pack and held meetings with Garland.

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