Tom Cotton Hits Back Critics of Open Letter to Iran

Sen. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.)  as well as 26 other Republican senators have signed an open letter to the Iranian government about the nuclear negotiations. The New York Daily News dedicated Tuesday’s front cover to calling the signers of the open letter "traitors."

Cotton defended his choice to send the letter and cited an NBC News Wall Street Journal poll that showed 71 percent of Americans do not think the deal the president is negotiating will stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Vice President Joe Biden fired back, saying that the letter was designed to undercut the president during the midst of a sensitive negotiation.

In the letter expressed that the president negotiated a deal that Congress did not like that the deal would not be approved. Cotton is pushing for a complete disarmament of Iran and keeping the country from ever having technology to enrich uranium.

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"If Iran truly wanted nuclear power for civilian purposes, they wouldn't have to pursue the path they have gone down," Cotton said. "The only reason they are doing so is they want to develop nuclear weapons capability with a very short breakout so they can have a nuclear umbrella to continue exporting terror all around the world."