Study: Fox Reports, MSNBC Decides

Liberal cable channel relies overwhelmingly on opinion, downplays news, Pew finds

Chris Hayes / AP


MSNBC dedicates 85 percent of its airtime to commentary and opinion, with only 15 percent concerning factual reporting, making it far more reliant on opinion coverage than its cable news rivals, a new study by the Pew Research Center shows.

The study revealed Fox News contains far more shows doing reporting packages, the Huffington Post reports:

The study's authors found that, since 2007, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC have all cut back sharply on the amount of actual reporting found on their airwaves. Cheaper, more provocative debate or interview segments have largely filled the void. MSNBC, though, stands out from the pack […]

Pew found that Fox News spent 55 percent of the time on opinion and 45 percent of the time on reporting. Critics of that figure would likely contend that the network's straight news reporting tilts conservative, but it is true that Fox News has more shows that feature reporting packages than MSNBC does. The network's straight news hours — hosted by Chris Jansing, Thomas Roberts, Tamron Hall and Andrea Mitchell — are usually filled with interview segments or pundit debates.

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