State Dept. ‘Unaware’ Whether Clinton And Her Aides’ Devices Were Secure

State Department spokesman John Kirby admitted on Monday he was unaware of any security certification issued for Hillary Clinton and her aides’ devices.

"I am not aware of any such certification on that," Kirby said.

The Democratic frontrunner has been embroiled in an email scandal the entirety of her campaign. FBI agents who previously inspected Gen. David Petraeus’ mishandling of classified information have launched an investigation into the security of Clinton’s private email server, propelling the saga to new heights.

Over 300 emails on Clinton’s server potentially with secret information have been flagged for further inspection, "only" 5.1 percent of all emails processed thus far according to the State Department.

Attention has turned to Clinton’s longtime aide Huma Abedin for having her own email account on the home-brewed server. Abedin, the wife of disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner, has hired a team of lawyers due to the email fallout.

Secretary of State John Kerry said it is "very likely" Russia and China read his emails after successfully hacking the department. The hack began during Clinton’s time in Foggy Bottom and highlights the potential consequences of Clinton’s under-secured server.