Ralph Peters: I Gush About Mattis Because He Is the 'Real Thing'

December 2, 2016

Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters appeared Friday on Fox News to discuss President-elect Donald Trump's pick of retired Marine Gen. James "Mad Dog" Mattis for secretary of defense, praising the general as the "real thing."

Host Bill Hemmer introduced Peters and asked him what he thought of Trump picking Mattis.

"He would be a great secretary of defense," Peters said. "Bill, beyond all the fuss about his nickname 'Mad Dog' and call sign 'Chaos,' he's actually a man of great intellect, great strategic visionary. He really understands how the global picture fits together."

"But more important even than that, he's a man of admirable character, of great integrity," Peters continued. "In fact, I would go back to Victorian terminology and call him a noble spirit. He's a true public servant."

Hemmer then reflected on when he met Mattis in Kandahar, Afghanistan back in December 2001 and talked about how he was a selfless man.

"He ran the initial footprint in Afghanistan. He refused to do an interview for four weeks, sir. He would not go on camera. He said you go talk to my men. They're out here doing the hard work," Hemmer said.

Peters continued to praise Mattis, saying he is one of the best listeners he has ever encountered. He also said that Mattis is not in your face or arrogant in the typical Washingtonian manner.

"I gush about this guy because he is the real thing, and again, I go back to it. Above all, he is a man of integrity, and he would never go along with anything that would harm the United States," Peters said.