Obama Campaign Occupies Romney Event

The Washington Post reports that some "hecklers" disrupted Mitt Romney visit to Philadelphia on Thursday.

Several paragraphs down, we learn more about these protestors:

Romney highlighted his record of education as governor of Massachusetts, when the state’s schools were among the best in the nation in some areas. …

Outside, meanwhile, some brick row houses across from the school were boarded up. Police had cordoned off a full city block to protect Romney and his entourage. Residents, some of them organized by Obama’s campaign, stood on their porches and gathered at a sidewalk corner to shout angrily at Romney. Some held signs saying, "We are the 99%." One man’s placard trumpeted an often-referenced Romney gaffe: "I am not concerned about the very poor."

Obama, meanwhile, attended a number of campaign events on Thursday, including one at a wind turbine manufacturing plant in Iowa, where he urged Congress to continue to subsidize an industry notorious for decapitating endangered birds like the bald eagle.