NYT Defends Houthis: ‘Very Reassuring’ that ‘Death to America’ Slogan Not Meant Literally

The Yemeni rebels, the Houthis, have taken control of the capital, including the airport and the United States embassy.

The Houthis forced US Marines leaving the country to leave them their weapons. The rebels have also seized abandoned vehicles once used by US officials.

New York Times reporter Rod Nordland met with the Houthis who reassured him that they were just keeping US vehicles for safekeeping. Nordland said the Houthi government wants to have a friendly relationship with the United States and Saudi Arabia.

When Nordland asked the leader of the Houthi government about their chant, "death to America," the leader said it was just a slogan and that the Houthis did not really mean it. The Houthis are an Iraq-sponsored group, and the leader down played the connection when asked by Nordland.

"He said it wasn’t true and they didn’t want to see the Iranians make way in Yemeni either," Nordland said. "It’s a very reassuring message."