McCain on Israeli Airstrikes in Syria: Syrians and Iranians Have Crossed a ‘Red Line’

'Weapons of an advanced nature, probably missiles, have moved from Iran into Syria with intentions of moving them to Hezbollah'

• May 5, 2013 12:11 pm


Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.) assessed Israeli airstrikes in Syria most likely indicate "weapons of an advanced nature" have been transferred from Iran into Syria destined for Hezbollah on "Fox News Sunday."

Sen. McCain was also deeply critical of the Obama Administration's drawing of red lines that appear to have been written in "disappearing ink" despite reports that Bashar al-Assad has used chemical weapons:

CHRIS WALLACE: What can you tell us about the Israeli airstrike first Thursday night/Friday morning, and then apparently a much more extensive airstrike overnight?

SENATOR MCCAIN: Well apparently the Syrians and Iranians have crossed a red line [for] the Israelis. That means that weapons of an advanced nature, probably missiles, have moved from Iran into Syria with intentions of moving them to Hezbollah. The whole thing is escalating. As you may have noticed, the leader of Hezbollah committed to helping Bashar al-Assad, the conflict is spilling over into Lebanon and Jordan. The whole situation is becoming more and more expansive, and unfortunately the red line that the president of the United States had written was apparently written in disappearing ink.

CHRIS WALLACE: I was going to ask you when you look at this escalation, the increased involvement, three strikes in two days by Israel, what does that tell you about what the Obama Administration should do?

SENATOR MCCAIN: Well the Obama Administration should be I think cognizant of what George Schultz, our former Secretary of State told me when he was in the Marines Corps, his drill instructor told him, never point a weapon at someone unless you're ready to pull a trigger. So the president of the United States said there was clear red lines. Those red lines in the view of most have been crossed and he has failed to act. First of all, he should have never drawn the red line. Second of all, the red lines were a green light to Bashar al-Assad to do anything short of that. Chemical weapons are terrible, but isn't it pretty terrible when you launch scud missiles against your own people, where you massacre over 70,000 people, drive a million into refugee camps? Those seemed to have been acceptable to this administration, and it's deplorable.

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