Liz Cheney: Obama Is Right: He's Nowhere Near the Man or Leader Dick Cheney Is

FNC contributor Liz Cheney vigorously defended her father against President Obama's recent proclamation that he is "no Dick Cheney" Thursday on "Hannity."

The former vice president's daughter said she agrees with the president's assessment, stating President Obama is "nowhere near the man or the leader Dick Cheney is":

SEAN HANNITY: Joining me to react to this some more, Fox News contributor, Liz Cheney. Did you like those headlines?

LIZ CHENEY: Unbelievable, Sean. I do have to say though, to give the president some credit, he continues to feel the need to proclaim that he's not Dick Cheney, and you know every time I hear him say that, I have to say, absolutely. This president is nowhere near the man or the leader that Dick Cheney is, and for him to sort of, you know, have all of this rhetoric about honesty, and about justice, and about transparency, when we see what's going on here in the United States across the board is lack of credibility, and dealing with the American people, and you know I think he's left a lot of people, frankly, chuckling around the globe, wondering what's going to come next here.

(H/T to theĀ Washington Examiner)