Keane: White House ‘Hiding Behind Another Investigation’

Ret. Gen. Jack Keane said the White House appeared to be "hiding behind another investigation" in not properly taking Russia to task for the fighting in Ukraine and downing of a Malaysian airliner suspected to have been shot down by pro-Russian separatists Thursday.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power spoke strongly Friday on the subject, saying if the separatists fighting in Ukraine were found to have shot down MH17, investigators "cannot rule out technical assistance from Russian personnel in operating the system" that took down the plane.

"This is a pattern of warfare that Putin is using, covert warfare," Keane said. "And he's not going to stop here as long as we are passive in the United States and the Europeans are passive."

Keane pointed out Power began to take Putin to task for this but Obama didn't do enough.

"I thought for certain that was a preliminary step for the president to do exactly that and actually to double down on it because he's the president and he would speak more forcefully," Keane said. "But frankly, we're hiding behind another investigation."