Iranian President Wants Jerusalem Liberated ‘From the Yoke of Israel’

‘Moderate’ leader wants Israel out of Jerusalem

Hassan Rouhani / AP

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani "wishes" for Jerusalem to be liberated "from the yoke of Israel," according to state-run media reports.

Rouhani expressed his desire during a meeting with Palestinian Parliament Speaker Salim Zanoun, who has been in Tehran for meetings with top officials.

"One of the wishes of the Iranian nation is liberation of the Holy Quds," the Islamic name for Jerusalem, Rouhani was quoted as saying in the meeting by Iran’s Fars News Agency.

Rouhani went on to express hope that "the Palestinian nation and the entire Muslim world will find a serious solution to this occupation through unity and integrity."

Zanoun in a separate meeting with Iranian leaders celebrated Iran as a "true supporter of the Palestinians."