Frank: I Don’t Know Why President Obama Will Not Define Boston Terror Attack As Jihad

Former Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank (D.) said he has no idea why President Obama will not define the Boston terror attack is "Islamic jihad" Friday on the "O'Reilly Factor":

BILL OREILLY: We didn't like that at all. Speculation is never good. So you just don't know why Barack Obama won't say it was generated by Islamist jihad? I don't know.

BARNEY FRANK: Then we're together. I haven't been in Washington, [I've been] out of Congress for some months and I've not been talking to his people about that. It's legitimate for people to debate that one way or the other. It's not dividing the country. […]

President Obama's refusal to define the attack as jihad represents a continuation of the administration's policy to downplay the threat of Islamic extremism.

The FBI has uncovered extensive evidence through hospital interviews with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that suggest an Islamic religious motivation for the terror attacks.

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