Former Dem Rep Davis explains why he and others have turned GOP

'All kinds of data indicate that I’m one of millions of people who made this transition'


Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis explained why he has changed his party affiliation Monday, in an interview with Larry Kudlow.

DAVIS: Well, all you have to do is look at the numbers. Late 2008, about 50 percent of people in this country identified themselves as Democrats. That was the strongest Democratic showing that we had seen since the early 1990s. Now that number is down to about 40 percent, and lower than that in some surveys. You look at the swing between 2008 and 2010, all kinds of data indicate that I’m one of millions of people who made this transition. Look, there's no question there are moderates in the Democratic party, but they don't have influence, and when they dare to speak a moderate tone, they are immediately pressured to walk it back and to explain that "Oh, I didn't really mean it, my words were taken out of context, I didn't mean to say that Mitt Romney had a sterling business record, I was talking about sterling tea in China." You name it.

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