FBI Recovering Personal Emails from Hillary Clinton’s Personal Server

• September 22, 2015 10:07 pm


The Kelly File featured a segment Tuesday night on breaking news that the FBI has recovered personal emails from Hillary Clinton's personal server the campaign thought had been deleted.

Bloomberg News reported that the FBI has been able to recover both personal and work-related emails that were thought to be wiped clean from Clinton's personal email server. During a lengthy sit-down with the Des Moines Register Editorial Board, Clinton was asked about new developments that the State Department had asked for her emails, not for record-keeping purposes but because of the discovery that she had maintained a personal server during her time as secretary of state. Clinton told the editorial board that she could not offer any new answers on the subject.

"Go back to the beginning when Hillary Clinton revealed this in that news conference, on March 10 at the United Nations. Her narrative was that she deleted roughly 30,000 personal emails that were just about yoga, her daughter's wedding and that the rest were just work-related emails that she had turned over," Fox reporter Ed Henry said.

Henry said that if the FBI had recovered emails that were work-related, it would be a game changer. He added if the FBI is uncovering official emails it could raise the specter of there being classified information in the deleted emails and on her personal server.

Henry has also spoke with Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill, who was adamant that Clinton and the campaign have always cooperated with the FBI. Merrill also that they were unsure of what the FBI had and did not have.

Clinton has begun to bow under political pressure, making a statement Tuesday saying that she was against the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline after dodging multiple questions about her stance.

‘The point is her claims are now being checked by the FBI and they have the emails," host Megyn Kelly said.