Danish Student Stimulates Young Conservative Party

Via Nikita Klaestrup's Instagram account

Conservative Danish political gadfly Nikita Klæstrup has caused a stir for showing up to a recent Young Conservatives party in Denmark in a dress that left little to the imagination.

The 20-year-old rhetorics student at the University of Copenhagen caught the attention of Reddit and other reputable forums after posting a picture of herself at the Young Conservatives party.



Klæstrup, a model and reported conservative, is known in some circles as "Denmarks elections babe," according to University Post.

Klæstrup appeared surprised by her new found global fame, writing on her Facebook page: "I've got about 500 new followers on instagram today. Most of them appear to be foreign. Is there something I don't know?"

When asked about her fashion choice, Klæstrup told the University Post that she has no regrets: "We cannot escape the fact that it sells. There is a natural focus on women's appearance. That's just how it is."

For more information about Klæstrup, please take a moment to consult this (very nsfw) collection of documents.