Cotton: Dems Didn't Appreciate Me Calling Out Their Hypocrisy on Benghazi

Friday on Fox News Rep. Tom Cotton (R., Ark.) told Neil Cavuto many of his Democratic colleagues did not appreciate him calling out their hypocrisy over Benghazi yesterday on the House floor.

"Having sat on the floor and listened to the debate, the Democrats were simply politicizing the matter," he said.

Cotton added he remembered his experience as a soldier in Baghdad listening to vitriolic attacks on the military emanating from Democratic constituencies.

"There were lots of Democrats at the time who were raising money off the Iraq War, who were campaigning on the Iraq War, who were saying mean stuff about soldiers and our leaders and no Democrats were calling them out at the time making it a political matter."

In response to Democrats' erroneous critique that GOP outrage over Benghazi is hypocritical given the party's silence over pre-war Iraq intelligence, Cotton said the conduct of American foreign policy is always a legitimate issue.

"Whether we have a Democratic president or a Republican president, but there's a way you can do that in a respectful manner and point out the failures or the perceived failures of the president and his administration without going to the House floor and condemning your colleagues for it."

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