'American Sniper' Chris Kyle's Iraqi Interpreter Supports Trump's Travel Ban

February 1, 2017

Johnny Walker, who served as the late Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle's interpreter in Iraq, on Tuesday defended President Trump's executive action that temporarily halts citizens of seven countries from entering the U.S.

Townhall flagged the video of CNN host Jake Tapper asking Walker why he supports the executive action barring immigration from certain countries, including Iraq, over terrorism fears.

"Because I want to support my family," Walker said. "I want to support my kids. I want to support my own people–the Muslim people, too, live in the United States. I want to feel safe, and when their kids go to the school, no one threatens them."

"I don't want to have that feeling back to me when I'm in Iraq, I have my A.K. underneath my head ready to kill people," Walker continued. "I don't think so this is a good feeling to have it again."

Tapper then asked Walker, who was vetted to be able to enter the U.S., how the vetting process is.

Walker said the process took a "long time," but was completely worth it because of the safety he and his family now have.

"[The] process can take [a] long time," he said. "But you know what? It's worth it because you're coming to [the] United States, the best country in the world. So, the time and the process, I wait for four years, five years to move to the United States"

"I lost half of my tribe–half of my family, my brother. But, you know what? My journey is worth it. My kids, they will thank me, and all the generations, for what I did."

Later in the segment, Walker shot back at another panelist, saying that the travel ban was implemented to help "clean up" former President Barack Obama's "trash" and "mistakes."

"So, they hold, right?" he asked. "What is the issue? If Donald Trump–he want[s] to clean Obama trash and chaos and mistake, and he want[s] to make our guest feel safe in her house, just wait [a] few months. What is the problem? I mean, everyone care[s] about United States. He should agree with Trump."