BEASTMODE: Congressman Tells John Kerry ‘You Represent America’

Rep. Scott Perry (R., Penn.) had a fiery exchange with Secretary of State John Kerry on Capitol Hill Tuesday, telling him there is a precedent for Congress creating a better deal than the one brokered by the U.S. and five other countries over Iran's nuclear program.

"If you would use the treaty process provided by the Constitution, maybe we wouldn't be in this situation," Perry said.

"Furthermore, you know, you say, well, this is the only deal we can get, that there's no better deal. Congress has a long history of instituting better deals. Examples are 200 treaties, including 80 multilateral accords modified by Congress, including the arms control agreement, SALT II and the threshold test ban treaty that failed to reach a vote and were modified. So, there is a history for that, of getting a better deal. If the Ayatollah doesn't like it and doesn't want to negotiate it, oh boo-hoo! We're here for America. We stand for America. You represent America."

Kerry said he needed no lessons from him on whom he represented, citing his longtime public and military service, for which Perry thanked him.