ACLU Calls on UN To Demand US Dole Out Reparations

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)
August 8, 2022

The ACLU and Human Rights Watch want the United Nations to demand that President Joe Biden "take immediate, tangible measures," including reparations, to "dismantle structural racism" in the United States.

The groups are recommending that the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which will meet later this month, order the United States to "provide effective remedies, including reparations for racial discrimination, including ongoing structural discrimination that flows from the legacies of slavery."

The ACLU, which ostensibly advocates for Americans' civil liberties regardless of politics, has a long history of defending left-wing policies. The group in April said it would use "the full force of the law" to allow children to undergo transgender hormone treatment. The ACLU is also a top advocate for the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, the Washington Free Beacon has reported. Human Rights Watch also routinely criticizes the Jewish state, with Ben and Jerry's basing its anti-Israel boycott on advice from a high-ranking Human Rights Watch employee. Ben and Jerry's parent company overruled the anti-Semitic boycott following widespread criticism.

While the groups note that President Joe Biden has criticized "systemic racism," they say the president has not gone far enough.

"The Biden administration has shown it can name the problem, but the time has come to take bolder action to radically transform these abusive systems and fully implement U.S. human rights obligations," ACLU human rights director Jamil Dakwar said in a statement.

One such "bolder action," the groups say, is creating "a commission to study the need for reparations and develop specific remedies for the enslavement of people in the United States and its myriad legacies." The ACLU and Human Rights Watch want the government to work against anything that has "a racist effect or impact," such as "mass incarceration" and concentration of wealth.

Barrington Martin II, a national director of the patriotic group Our America, called the groups' actions "preposterous" and "oxymoronic."

"There is not one law on the books or any institution within the United States that seeks to oppress or subjugate any individual or group on the basis of race," Martin told the Free Beacon. "People from all across the world have come to the United States for decades because of the freedom and equal opportunity America offers for all."