You Won’t Believe What This Insurance Company Did Because of Obamacare

Small business owner Drew Greenblatt appeared on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren to discuss some extreme measures his firm's insurance company has had to take because of Obamacare Tuesday evening.

The Affordable Care Act has created so much confusion and disorganization for his insurer, Greenblatt said, his insurance agent actually gave Greenblatt his personal credit card to cover medical expenses.

Apparently, Greenblatt's insurer found it could not print and process insurance cards for his company due to technical glitches associated with Obamacare. When their policies began on December 1st, Greenblatt's employees had no way to get reimbursed for medical costs given their lack healthcare documentation, prompting the insurance company to take extraordinary measures:

DREW GREENBLATT: So, according to my insurance agent, the Affordable Care Act has caused so many complications for our insurance company, that they can't process all of the cards, all the cards that you hand to our doctors or the pharmacist when you have to pay the bills. So we did not receive our cards, and because of that, we are now 10 days into a month and my employees when they go to a doctor or when they go to a pharmacist they can't cover the bill. So, my insurance agent has reached out to my employees and myself and said he is going to give us his credit card, his personal credit card to cover any expenses that occur until we get our cards. It's such a crazy experience because the Affordable Care Act is gumming up the works and all of the insurance companies can't process, and their computers aren't working effectively, it's really causing a lot of problems.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: Why is your insurance not starting on January 1? Isn't that when you need the new cards and not before that?

GREENBLATT: Well, actually, we started December 1. So, we paid our bills in early November. We signed all of our contracts in early November. Usually this a time when we — do the Macarena. We are all done, we can think about other things, we don't have to think about insurance. I mean how boring is it, right? But, what's happening is, December 1, we should have had our cards. So we should have been able to go around and use our cards to pay for the health insurance that our company is providing for our employees. But, because the insurance company is so mired down in computer glitches and problems, they are not able to give our employees and myself and my family the cards we need to do it the normal way. So, our insurance agent has to use his own credit card to cover our employees during this weird situation.