T. Boone Pickens gave $453,000 to CAP while pushing natgas

The Washington Post reports T. Boone Pickens was among the natural gas industry's donors to green groups, including nearly a half-million dollars in donations to the Center for American Progress, while he was advocating for legislation that would directly benefit a company he founded:

Although McClendon may be the gas industry’s most generous donor to environmental causes, he is not the only one. Natural gas entrepreneur T. Boone Pickens gave $453,250 to the liberal think tank Center for American Progress (CAP) in 2008 and 2009 through his nonprofit groups, to support its National Clean Energy Project events. At the time, Pickens was pressing lawmakers to adopt a bill to subsidize construction of natural gas filling stations. The legislation would have directly helped a company Pickens co-founded called Clean Energy Fuels, which describes itself as "the leading provider of natural gas for transportation."

Although there is now an increasing rift between natural gas and green groups, in the last decade, natural gas companies like Chesapeake Energy funneled millions into green organizations like the Sierra Club.