Oklahoma Gov: Obama Admin Has Failed on Border Security, Allowed This Huge Influx

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin condemned the Obama administration's "failure" to maintain border security Wednesday\ on America's Newsroom during a discussion about illegal immigrants being sent by the federal government into her state.

She's not alone. Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman spoke Tuesday with CNN about 200 illegal immigrant children sent to his state with no prior warning.

"The real reason we have this crisis in the first place … is because we have had a failure with the administration on border security," Fallin said.  "We have sent a signal to the rest of the other countries in South America that we have amnesty if they want to send their children to the United States, and of course we're not securing our border. We have all those different things that are happening within our nation, which has allowed this huge influx that has shocked the nation, shocked certainly the governors, that are very concerned about the impact it's going to have on our individual states at a time where we have our own problems in our state."