Obama ‘Seething’ NYT Leak That Shows WH Worried Ebola Will Hurt Them In Midterms

New York Times piece published Friday indicated that President Obama is visibly worried the Ebola crisis will hurt the Democratic Party in November's midterm elections.

Recently-named Politico editor Susan Glasser told CBS's Bob Schieffer that the New York Times story–which included a White House leak about a "seething" Obama–shows that the president is worried that the political narrative is "getting away" from him.

"I think they are very eager right before that midterm election," Glasser said. "Let's be honest–the political timing here is affecting what you are seeing in terms of Washington's response."

The recent leak adds to the president's six-year tradition of making sure the entire country knows he is "mad as hell" when a crisis escapes his control.

"The White House is very eager to make sure it does not play into an existing narrative around government competence and our lack of faith in government institutions," Glasser said. "Unfortunately, it might be."