Obama Donor Blows Up Rocket Over Texas

A major Obama donor brushed off the explosion of his company’s test rocket over the weekend, which rained debris down on a Texas town near Waco in video captured by KWTX.

 "Rockets are tricky," said SpaceX founder Elon Musk after a Falcon 9 vehicle exploded shortly after launch. No injuries were reported.

 SpaceX is trying to break into the market for launch vehicles for the military and the space program. Critics say its lack of experience puts taxpayer dollars at risk. Musk and his company say they can provide a cost-effective alternative to existing contractors.

 SpaceX’s misstep over the weekend will likely fuel that criticism.

Musk, who also owns luxury electric car company Tesla and solar company Solarcity, both of which have received subsidies from the Obama administration, was a high-dollar donor to the president.