New America Rising Ad Pressures Senate Democrats to Confirm Gorsuch

• March 28, 2017 11:02 am


America Rising Squared released a new video on Tuesday lauding Judge Neil Gorsuch's Supreme Court nomination a week before the Senate Judiciary Committee gathers to vote on his confirmation.

The ad, titled "Everybody Knows It," highlights commentators, political figures, and anchors with different political views praising Gorsuch's performance during last week's confirmation hearings and touting his credentials.

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell praises Gorsuch in the video.

"I think this has been a slam dunk," she says of his confirmation hearings.

CNN correspondent John King discusses how Democrats could not cause Gorsuch to falter during the hearing process.

"The Democrats have not proved or blemished anything to this judge so far," he says.

Sen. Mike Lee (R. Utah) is shown praising Gorsuch's qualifications.

"This is a judge who is exceptionally well prepared for the Supreme Court," he says.

Sen. John Cornyn (R. Texas) also discusses how Gorsuch is a well-qualified candidate for the nation's highest court.

"If Neil Gorsuch isn't good enough for you, there probably never will be anyone good enough for my Democratic colleagues," he says.

The video shows multiple CNN and MSNBC reporters praising Gorsuch for "performing admirably" during his confirmation hearing, being "impressively disciplined," coming off as a "very warm, affable, down home kind of person," and "maintaining his independence."

America Rising concludes the ad with audio of CNN political analyst Gloria Borger saying that Gorsuch "is obviously qualified for the position, and everyone knows it."

The ad will run online and on social media ahead of Monday's scheduled Judiciary Committee vote on Gorsuch's confirmation, as part of America Rising's push to pressure undecided Senate Democrats to approve Gorsuch for the vacant Supreme Court seat.

America Rising is one of many conservative groups supporting Gorsuch's confirmation, promoting his credentials and confirmation hearing performance to help get him confirmed by the Senate.