Mississippi Man Enrolls in Obamacare After 3K Attempts


As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again," a man from Mississippi attempted to enroll in Obamacare over 3000 times before successfully signing up.

Lew Garrett, a self-employed independent contractor, was notified that his insurance was being terminated due to Obamacare regulations. On the hunt for new health insurance, Garrett visited healthcare.gov to enroll.

He first began trying in October, but his first attempt proved to be unsuccessful, as did many more attempts after. "I could log in at 4 in the morning, at four in the afternoon, anytime you wish, and the site would be down," Garrett explained.

He tried enrolling in the health exchange from almost a dozen of his other computers, all located in different rooms of his house, but he was still unsuccessful.

It took Garrett 3118 attempts to enroll. Over the course of those attempts, he spoke to 49 representatives. He says he would only trust three of those representatives with something as small as his order at McDonalds, a sure sign of mistrust.

On December 17, he finally got through the system to pick out his new health plan. He was immediately overwhelmed by the 60 different health plans available to choose from.

Much to his dismay, Garrett received an email last week notifying him that he still is not signed up for the health plan, even though he had already received an insurance card.

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