Jesse Jackson Jr. Collects $138K Annually From Govt After Being Convicted of Illegally Spending Campaign Cash

Jessee Jackson Jr. / AP
February 24, 2017

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson is pocketing six figures in workers compensation and disability from the federal government after being convicted in 2013 for illegally spending cash from his campaign committee.

Jackson Jr. is now pocketing $138,400 a year in workers compensation benefits and temporary disability, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The records, which were contained within documents for his divorce case, show that the former congressman receives $100,000 in tax-free workers compensation benefits. The rest of the money is coming from Social Security Disability insurance payments. Jackson is said to be receiving the funds because of his bipolar disorder and depression.

The amount that Jackson is collecting is the top rate given to persons for temporary disability. The records also show that Jackson received $977 in health insurance payments over a 28-day period that ended Dec. 10, 2016. These payments are separate from his disability and workers' compensation payments.

Ari Wilkenfeld, a D.C.-based employment lawyer, told the Chicago Tribune that it is highly unusual for an individual to collect federal workers' compensation for a condition such as bipolar disorder.

"What's remarkable here is by his getting workers' comp, it appears that Congressman Jackson's attorneys have convinced the government that his bipolar disorder was created by the rigors of being a member of Congress," Wilkenfeld said.

In 2013, Jackson Jr. was sentenced to 30 months in prison for spending $750,000 from his campaign on personal items such as luxury vacations and fur coats. His wife, Sandra, pled guilty to filing false tax returns and was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Jackson ultimately spent 22 months in correctional facilities, a halfway house, and home detention. He currently is on supervised release.