Flashback: Mary Landrieu Said She Would Be 100% Accountable for Obamacare

In 2009 Sen. Mary Landrieu (D., La.) was asked the pointed question would she accept 100 percent "accountability for a failure or success of Obamacare," America Rising reports.

Her response at the time was very direct, telling the reporter "that's what I do in every election": 

QUESTION: My question would be about accountability. Would you be willing to accept 100% responsibility, 100% accountability for the failure or success of whatever you vote for?"

MARY LANDRIEU: I do, already, because that’s what I do every election. I mean I, you all have to…when I run for reelection you say to me "Senator we like what you’ve done we voted for you, we don’t like what you’ve done we voted against you."

It is unclear if Landrieu will follow the president's lead and own up to her campaign promise.

(H/T Guy Benson)