Extreme Pornography Agency

EPA official caught with more than 7,000 porn files on government computer

An Environmental Protection Agency official spent up to six hours a day on the taxpayer dime looking at pornography, according to the EPA Inspector General.

Allan Williams, the deputy assistant inspector general for investigations, told the House Oversight Committee Wednesday that his office had discovered an EPA official who habitually watched porn on a government computer.

"One such investigation involves a career EPA employee who allegedly stored pornographic materials on an EPA network server shared by colleagues," Williams testified. "When an OIG special agent arrived at this employee’s work space to conduct an interview, the special agent witnessed the employee actively viewing pornography on his government-issued computer. Subsequently, the employee confessed to spending, on average, between two and six hours per day viewing pornography while at work. The OIG’s investigation determined that the employee downloaded and viewed more than 7,000 pornographic files during duty hours."

Williams said the case had been referred to the Department of Justice for possible prosecution.

A Washington Free Beacon analysis shows the EPA employee could have spent anywhere from 40 to 120 hours a month watching smut.