Democracy Alliance Warns Donors of Free Beacon Reporters

One of the left’s leading dark money election-buying outfits warned its members in April to be on the lookout for reporters at its annual conference.

The Democracy Alliance specifically named—and included photos of—eleven Washington Free Beacon reporters and editors.

The BOLO list was posted publicly by Politico reporter Ken Vogel, who is also on the list, in a Monday story on the Democracy Alliance.

DA board members were warned before [its April conference] in Chicago that reporters might stake out the meeting and were given a list of about 20 journalists — including photos — to watch out for. POLITICO obtained the list, which included four of its own journalists, including this reporter, as well as Jennifer Haberkorn, Tarini Parti, and Byron Tau.

Others identified included Huffington Post Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim, a trio of Chicago newspaper scribes and 11 reporters from the conservative Washington Free Beacon (two of whom made the trip to the Ritz-Carlton).

Told of the memo, Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti — who has repeatedly accused Democrats and the media of unfairly criticizing the Kochs and other conservative donors while ignoring liberal donors — positively kvelled.

"I couldn’t be prouder of my reporters for putting such fear into the hearts of secretive left-wing billionaires that they are awarded places on the Democracy Alliance’s BOLO list," said Continetti, citing the small number of legacy media outlets on the list as evidence that the mainstream journalists were turning a blind eye to big liberal money.

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