Clinton Hesitates on Defining the Middle Class

Hillary Clinton hesitated while attempting to define the middle class during a press conference on her plane Thursday afternoon, but she did note that "the middle class is real."

A reporter asked Clinton to say what income range constitutes the middle class and what the economic group means philosophically.

Clinton first hesitated at the question before touting the middle class, saying it is "a reflection of the success of the United States from the very beginning."

"Middle class is a hard-to-define economic target," the Democratic nominee said while trying to define the middle class, adding that the cost of living differs from area to area.

Clinton has pledged not to raise taxes on the middle class and reiterated her statement to the reporter, which she defined as any American making less than $250,000.

Clinton ended her answer by telling the reporter, "The middle class is both real and aspirational."

Clinton and her husband Bill reportedly have a net worth of about $62 million, presumably putting them above her definition of the middle class.