Chris Christie Gets in Shouting Match With ‘Idiot’

Video via Calkins Media Inc.

WILLIAM BROWN: My question for you, governor, is please consider veteran students and [unclear] ike myself, here in South Jersey.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE: Here’s what’s going to happen. Rutgers is going to merge with Rowan, and here’s why: What I’m doing is providing other opportunities for a bigger and better university.

CHRISTIE: If you decide what you want to do is put on a show today, let me tell you something, I can go back and forth with you as much as you want. And let me tell you something, after you graduate from law school, you conduct yourself like that in a court room, your rear-end’s gonna get thrown in jail, idiot.

CHRISTIE: You know, I tried to be patient with the guy. Every time I tried to answer, he started yelling over me again. Damn, man, I’m governor, could you just shut up for a second?