Andrea Mitchell to French Amb: ‘Why Is It Permissible’ for Cartoons to be so ‘Provocative’?

Charlie Hebdo is known for its over-the-top satire on ethnic groups and religion. Last week, when terrorists stormed the offices of the magazine and executed 12 people for drawing something they didn't agree with, people from across the globe spoke out in support for free speech.

That's why it was surprising when Andrea Mitchell questioned how it was legal for Charlie Hebdo to publish the cartoons.

Andrea Mitchell asked Gerard Araud, French ambassador to the United States,"Why is it permissible to be as provocative as these anti-Muslim cartoons were? This is a debate we're having in the United States journalistically."

Many media outlets in the United States have taken it upon themselves to censor the cartoons from Charlie Hebdo that feature Muhammad. The Free Beacon, however, backed the magazine in publishing its cartoons.